Samsung SC-DX205 Hybrid DVD and Flash Memory Camcorder Review


Samsung is an established device manufacturer, and most people know the company thanks to its cellphones, PC monitors, and TV sets, however, consumers shouldn’t ignore Samsung camcorders. Here is the Samsung SC-DX205 DVD digital camcorder which technically is a hybrid camera which takes videos at good quality you can store them on its DVD, flash memory, or on a microSDHC card, but that depends on you.

The Samsung SC-DX205 DVD digital camcorder features Schneider Lens with 42x Intelli-zoom, a 2.7-inch LCD screen, 1/6-inch CCD image-sensor, 800 x 600 digital still images resolution, and Hyper Digital Image Stabilization. All of these specs make a good camera. I admit and you can clearly see that this is not a professional camera, but it’s very useful as it’s lightweight and it gets the job done. If you need to shoot some quick videos then this camera is perfect as you can carry it with you all the time and the well-organized UI will allow you to handle it with ease.

Like aforementioned this is a hybrid camcorder which features a battery that provides up to 100 minutes of recording time and 2 hours of video playback, but you can buy a bunch of batteries and carry them too. How much could they weigh? Hopefully, not too much. Well, the Samsung SC-DX205 Hybrid DVD and Flash Memory Camcorder features Creative Control, face detection, and 3D noise reduction which are probably one of the most important ingredients in a camcorder.

Another important thing about this lightweight Samsung DVD camcorder is that it features Easy Upload to YouTube which means that users can upload videos to YouTube, but not before they edit them. The Samsung SC-DX205 DVD digital camcorder comes packed with a editing software so that you prepare your videos right before you quickly upload the to YouTube.

In conclusion I must say that this is a decent camera which is available at a decent price. It’s lightweight, it has a sleek design, it features useful editing software, and you can quickly share videos on YouTube. Not too much about this camera, but I recommend it to everybody who wants to shoot quick videos on their vacation.

The Samsung SC-DX205 Hybrid DVD and Flash Memory Camcorder is a available now at Amazon for a price of $279.99 with free shipping.

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