iPhone 3G S 16GB / 32GB Early Review


iPhone 3G S is now official and I know you are eager to find out more details about it and if it’s worth buying or upgrading from iPhone 3G. I will try to point out all its features, advantages and disadvantages so it will be easier for you to take a decision.

The difference from iPhone 3G to 3G S isn’t as big as the one between the first generation and the 3G, but it comes with some improvements worth mentioning. The iPhone 3G S along with the iPhone OS 3.0 will be able to run many more applications, which is great, isn’t it ?

The 3G S features 7.2MBps HSDPA, but, unfortunately, AT&T won’t upgrade their 3G networks very soon, which means you won’t be able to take advantage of it in most areas. The call quality remains the same, quite low for a high-end smartphone the 3G S pretends to be.


The S from iPhone 3G S comes from ‘speed’, which means it should be much faster than its predecessor, powered both by the new CPU, but also by the 7.2MBps connection, so it should load both applications and websites faster.

Unfortunately, we don’t have many details about the processor, but, according to Apple, the applications should load two times faster. The 7.2MBps HSPA is great, but AT&T is going to start upgrading its network later this year and it should be all done in 2011, but you will most probably get another phone until then, so it’s useless.

iPhone 3G S’ battery life seems to be longer than the one on iPhone 3G, fortunately, lasting for 5 hours of 3G talk time, 12 hours of 2G talk time, 30 hours of audio playback, 10 hours of video playback, and 10 hours of video playback. But that’s what Apple’s rep, Phil Schiller, said, we have to test it so we can say clearly how is it.


iPhone 3G’s camera takes good pictures, but now great, Fortunately, the 3G S comes with a 3 megapixel camera, which should take much better pictures, especially that it also features autofocus. Along with this, now the user can set low-light sensitivity, exposure, white balance and macro.

It can record videos at 30 fps and it should also come with an editing software so you can create the clips directly on your phone, and then upload them on YouTube.


Voice control is one of the new features iPhone 3G S comes with, and it will do a lot of things, like voice dialing and some interesting controls. You will be able to control the iPod player with it and you have a lot of options: find a song by name, find related songs, and many more.

The compass is quite simple, pointing North, along with a Google Maps integration.

Unfortunately, there are some features it lacks, like the Safari Flash support, USB mass storage, and a user replaceable battery.

Tethering will be available at 22 carriers, but not AT&T, for now, though they promised it’s coming.


I don’t consider it’s worth buying the new iPhone 3G S, unless your carrier offers you a cheap upgrade option. The OS 3.0 will bring a lot of 3G S’ features, excepting the 7.2MBps HSPA, 3 MP camera, better processor, and a few more. If you don’t really need those features, go for the OS 3.0 and keep your current iPhone 3G.

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