Garmin Nuvi 780 Review


I’ve said it a lot of times, and I will say it again: a GPS device is very useful! I got lost a while ago and I don’t want this to happen again therefore I bought myself a Garmin Nuvi GPS because these are the best devices of them all. I don’t have this one, I own a Garmin Nuvi 660, but this one is great too: the Garmin Nuvi 780.

This GPS device measures 4.8 x 3.0 x .8 inch, and it weighs only 6.2oz. Although you might think that you shouldn’t be concerned of this stuff, it’s very important. If it’s too big then you won’t have a good place to position it into your car, or maybe you have a very lightweight car and imagine a GPS that would weigh 5 pounds…

Enough with the dreams, let’s move on to the 4.3-inch WQVGA color TFT with white backlight which doesn’t drain too much battery, but I’m disappointed of the way it “performs” in the light even if its sunlight readable I guess it depends on how good your eyes are. The 4.3-inch widescreen has a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels which should be enough to properly display the maps so that you can actually see where you are going.

The Gamin Nuvi 780 features a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery which provides up to 5 hours of battery life. That’s enough… I mean… just plug it into the car’s lighter “jack” and you shouldn’t be too worried about that. This Garmin Nuvi GPS is not waterproof so you might wanna be careful around it with water or juice (no beer for you mister!). The Garmin Nuvi 780 features a high-sensitivity receiver, and there is also a RoHS version available.

The Garmin nuvi 780 features basemap, comes with preloaded maps, but you can add more maps if you want, it has 500 favorite locations and 10 routes, and it has a built-in SSD memory, but you can also expand its memory via a microSD card.

I appreciate this GPS device from the 700-series from Garmin thanks to the widescreen as it’s better when it comes to show map detail, driving directions, and other stuff like photos. The preloaded maps on the Garmin Nuvi 780 feature millions of POIs, and there also 3D maps (besides regular 2D maps), and of course turn-by-turn voice directions. If the POIs are not enough and there might be something missing, then you can add your own custom POIs like the school of your child.

A very interesting and helpful feature is called “Where am I?” and if you tap this on your GPS then it will display you the closest police station, hospital, fuel station, and road intersection. Also you will see your exact location – coordinates, longitude, and latitude. Another great stuff is that the Nuvi 780 can remember where you parked your car! If you find yourself in a very big parking then you just have to remove the device from its mount, take it with you, and it will mark the position of the car. After that you can go and “do your thing” and when you want to get back, just remove it from your pocket and it will display a route back to the car.

Using the Garmin Nuvi 780 you can make your plans ahead of traveling. You just have to use its route planning option and you can plan up to 10 routes. The Nuvi 780 GPS also features Bluetooth, a built-in microphone, and a speaker so that you can make hands-free calls. Connect Nuvi 780 to your cellphone and then the GPS’ wide-touchscreen will transform itself into a “giant” keypad.

Other potentially useful features of the Garmin Nuvi 780 is that are the JPEG viewer, MP3 playback, audio-book player, FM transmitter, and currency converters among other stuff. What more can I say about it? Well, the Garmin Nuvi 780 is kinda expensive as it has a MSRP of $599.99, but here is the good thing: you can find it at Amazon for a price of $199.99 right now with shipping included.

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