Samsung Q2 8GB / 16GB Review


If you are looking for an mp3 player that will provide you good sound quality and well implemented basic features, the Samsung Q2 might be the right choice for you. The device might not have a great design and it will lack some of the features you can find in expensive players such as the iPod but the quality/price ratio is great.

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Flash memories became cheaper and cheaper in the past years, and this is one of the reason Samsung is able to bring you the Q2 8GB model for only $100 and the 16GB model for as low as $130. This low price is the main advantage of this device. You won’t get the same number of features you get with the iPod, but there is a significant difference between the $300 you will pay for the 16GB iPod and the $130 for the Q2. Unfortunately, the design may seem a little cheap and is probably the biggest disadvantage of the Samsung Q2.

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The design

It is not that the design is horrible, but the plastic material feels very cheap and the overall look is very generic. With a little more imagination, the design could of saved the player a lot of trouble. The compact dimensions of 3.9 inches by 1.9 inches by 0.4 inch and the 2.4 inches screen make up in some way for the overall design. The screen works at a 320×240 pixel resolution and offers good quality.

The interface used by the Q2 is fun and good looking, with a bunch of icons that might remind you of the iPhone. If the control would have matched the visual experience, the player would have also gained a lot in overall quality. We are not asking for a touch screen, but for a better implementation of the touch pad control. Maybe it will be revised in the next generation…

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The Features

If you get past the mediocre (not to say poor) construction, you will find that the Samsung Q2 packs quite a punch, feature-wise speaking, of course. The connection to a computer can be done in either jukebox or transfer mode. It is simple but elegant at the same time and will save a lot of time. No complicated software, but no advanced functions either: some people like it that way.

The Samsung Q2 can work with MP3, FLAC, OGG, WMA and offers detailed information about the tracks you are currently playing. MPEG4 and WMV are the video file formats supported and you can also watch JPEG photos. The FM tuner has the basic functions you will expect with such a feature, while the built-in microphone can record your voice. Text files are also supported, but we would not recommend this device for reading scanned documents.

Another thing that impressed us, at least considering the low price, was the good audio quality. It is not the best you can find, but with sound enhancement options that really make a difference such as the five band equalizer.

As a bottom line we state clearly that the Samsung Q2 is a great audio player for the price you pay for it.

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