Pure Digital F360 Mino 60 Minute Camcorder Review


You all know how much we love camcorders and actually, this is not the first such-device that we present you. What more can we say about Pure Digital? The company manufactures quality products and it should be, but it’s not for nothing as we are very grateful to those guys behind the Mino camcorders with a special mention for MinoHD. Here is the Pure Digital F360 Mino 60 Minute Camcorder which features a 1.5-inch LCD TFT screen with a 528 x 132 resolution which is great because it allows you to see everything on the display with ease even if it’s a very bright day.

The Pure Digital F360 Mino 60 Minute Camcorder shoots videos at a resolution of 640 x 480 using a 1/4″ VGA CMOS sensor, a Flip Video Engine 2.5 video compression, at 30 frames per second with progressive scan, at a bitrate of 4.0Mbps, and in MPEG-4 AVI video format. The camcorder is very useful when shooting videos, I will admit that the quality is not so great, but it was designed for professional photographers, this device was built with the purpose of portability and to shoot videos when you’re in the mountains or at a barbecue.

The Pure Digital F360 Mino 60 Minute Camcorder measures 3.94 x 1.97 x 0.63 inch, and it weighs 3.3oz. OK, if this isn’t portable than nothing is. This Pure Digital Mino camcorder features touch-sensitive buttons, a built-in speaker, built-in mic, TV-out, built-in USB arm, and a Li-ion battery which provides a battery life of 4 hours of continuous playback or video shooting.

The great part about Pure Digital camcorders is that they all come with a special software which allows users to edit and share videos, and then upload them on YouTube, MySpace, or AOL Video so that all their friends see what they caught on camera.

In conclusion I must say that this is a perfect camcorder. You don’t need anything else if you ware looking to shoot some quick videos, and if you don’t like to carry around a big camcorder. Well, the ure Digital F360 Mino 60 Minute Camcorder can be found at a starting price of $100, but it can reach $180 depending on your retailer.

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