Verizon iPhone 4 Reviews Go Live: Better Call Quality Ensues


Verizon iPhone 4 Reviews Go Live: Better Call Quality Ensues

Apple is a master at marketing strategies and people tend to go crazy when their God Steve Jobs reveals a new product. Jobs’ company has unveiled the Verizon iPhone several weeks ago and pre-orders have begun earlier today. The Verizon iPhone 4 release date is February 10th and although there are no major differences between the AT&T version, people have reviewed the smartphone.

The Verizon iPhone 4 reviews are all over the web and they are actually surprising. I, for one, cannot understand how can someone review a product which they already reviewed many months ago. Folks it’s the same iPhone! Yes, it runs on iOS 4.2.5 and it supports 3G mobile hotspot, but it’s the same freakin’ iPhone!

If you still think that a Verizon iPhone 4 review was necessary, then yes, you have better call quality and signal with this version. But that’s because of the Verizon network, not because of the iPhone 4.¬†But I’m glad you’ve all shared your experience with the Verizon iPhone 4 and that you were able to use the iPhone as an actual phone, like us, non-iPhone users.

I remind you that you can discuss about the Verizon iPhone 4 at the SoftSailor forum here so don’t hesitate to click on the link!

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