Nokia E71x Review


The large number of features : 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and so on, the 3.2 megapixel camera and the integrated support for AT&T services, the quality construction along with the decent price make Nokia E71x an interesting smartphone.

Despite the large number of features and the overall quality level, there have been some people complaining that the GPS takes too much time to determine the position at first. Also, the keyboard layout is just not spacious enough.

Taking everything into account, The Nokia E71x is a well made smartphone, with a lot of features, few flaws and a great price.

The Long Story :

AT&T announced at CTIA 2009 that the Nokia E71x will reach their shelves soon. This came as a great news for U.S. Customers given the small number of smartphones that reach the U.S. Carriers and the quality of the devices.
The name of Nokia E71x is well suited for this phone since it has the same design and similar features to the unlocked Nokia E71. It is targeted at the business users, but the price tag of only $99.99 (if you sign a 2 year contract with AT&T) make this smartphone available to anyone that fancies a full featured handset.

Apart from the features that are showcased by the E71, you get support for AT&T services such as AT&T XpressMail, AT&T Navigator, Mobile, and AT&T Music and Video.

The audio quality during a phone call is good, with some background hiss, but nothing too severe. In addition, the speakerphone makes a high quality sound, at a decent volume.

The quality of audio playback is good, but without a 3.55 jack input, you are limited to the quality of the headset provided by Nokia. Of course, since there have been no problems connecting various devices, you can connect wireless headphones, but a 3.55 still would have been a nice addition. Video playback run smoothly, with the image being synced with the audio. Some blurriness was there, but the overall quality was good.

The advantage of having both Wi-Fi and 3G support is that if you don’t have 3G coverage, you can connect to any wireless network so you can browse the internet. The browsing speed was decent, as you would expect from a good quality smartphone.

Although there are some other points Nokia E71x gets from the design, the good construction and such, there are two major minuses the smartphone gets during tests.

First of all, the 3.2 megapixel camera does not impress by the quality of pictures, as all the colors are a little to orange and too dark. Nokia is recognized for the quality of their camera lenses, but this is not the case here.

The biggest flaw this phone has is the problems you can encounter with the GPS. There have been reports of the GPS not being able to recognize the position for an entire day. In addition, the included AT&T Navigator service has some difficulties in calculating new routes. It ultimately gets you there, but you have to be a little more patient than with other devices.

The 1,500 mAh lithium ion battery keeps the phone running for 13 days in standby mode and can keep a conversation for about 5 hours if fully charged. Obviously, this will happen only under ideal conditions, but decent nonetheless.

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