Dell Studio One 19 Review


Dell Studio One 19 is an attractive desktop computer, with customizable colors, it’s screen has a wide tilt range so you can use it at multiple heights. It’s touch software it’s pretty easy to use and it’s price seems to be worth.
The high-end configuration is priced at $1,024 and compares with the 20-inch Apple iMac and Sony Vaio JS250J, which come with larger screen and more features at the same price.

In matter of design, it’s back panel is curved and features a fabric wrapper, which can come in one of the four colors: dark red, pink, dark blue, and charcoal.
Like all other Dell’s all-in-one computers, the Studio One 19 only allows you to adjust the screen’s tilt, so you can easily use the multi-touch interface. Unfortunately, the display can’t swivel, so you can’t place it in any position you might want to.

Unfortunately there are many applications compatible with the touchscreen, so it might not prove useful in all situations, but fortunately the touch input only costs you $100 more to¬† add. The Studio One 19 comes with a series of software like the drum set software, DrumZone rhythm game, and a Webcam software, which are pretty easy to use. Also when you touch a text box, Windows Vista’s Tablet software pops up and you can use the on-screen keyboard. The Windows Tablet software also offer more features for multitouch gestures and makes then more user-friendly, unlike the Windows XP.

Dell Studio One 19 is a good computer overall, but the Sony Vaio JS250J costs just $75 more and it also features a 20.1 inch display, 802.1n WiFi, and a Blu-ray drive, along with Studio One 19s features, except it doesn’t offer a touch input.

The Studio One 19 also features six USB 2.0 ports, a network port, 7-in-1 memory card reader, headphone, microphone, and audio jacks, two stereo speakers, and a webcam. It comes with a wireless mouse and keyboard, which feels massive and doesn’t seem as good as the Apple or Sony ones that come with their all-in-ones.

Currently, all-in-one computers are slower than desktop computers and the only advantage is you don’t have a case. So if you really want an all-in-one, the Dell Studio 19 might be a good option, though the Sony Vaio JS250J might be a better option if you don’t need the touch input.

When buying the Dell Studio One 19 you get 1 year of parts warranty and 1 year of on-site service, along with a 24/7 toll free line.

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