Website optimization: 15 Must-Have WordPress Plugins


Website optimization: 15 Must-Have WordPress Plugins

With no doubt, the following  list could go on, contain some other plug-ins or extend to costly ones. The ones stated below however are real must-haves, and pretty much all you need to make a stable good-looking website with WordPress. All of them are linked to the download page, so go ahead and do some clickin’ for the kickin’! If you want a more comprehensive (70+ plugins) WordPress plugins list list, go read here. Note however that some are not up to date anymore.

Plugins for your WordPress powered website

1. Google XML Sitemaps – Since you want Google and other search engines to know about each and every page of your WordPress website, you should have an XML sitemap and this plug-in makes it a one-click process.

2. All in One SEO Pack – If you wish to write search friendly titles that are different from the heading of the page, get this plug-in.

3. Automatic WordPress Backup –This plug-in helps you create a backup of all the essential WordPress files (like themes and plugins) and the MySQL databases to the same S3 account.

4. Hyper Cache – This is a nice caching plug-in for WordPress that helps in reducing the load on your web server. A similar WP Super Cache plug-in exists but it’s not compatible with all hosts.

5. Redirection – If an external site is linking to a non-existent or a 404 page on your site,  the redirection plug-in can to forward all the incoming traffic to the right pages.

6. Bing 404 – If someone lands on a 404 page on your site for which redirection is not yet enabled, this plug-in will display links to relevant article on the error page.

7. Stats – Google Analytics is obviously the best solution for tracking visitors but if you want something quick and simple, WP Stats is something nice-to-have alongside Google Analytics. The advantage – it will display the traffic charts right inside your WordPress dashboard, right there in plain first sight!

8. Akismet – If you disable or close comments on your posts after a couple of days, add in Akismet too to help filter out spam comments on fresh or on-going commented posts.

9. SlideShare – This helps you easily embed SlideShare presentations in any of your posts using short codes. It saves time and the embedded presentation automatically fits the width of the site.

10. WordPress PDA – Useful for handling mobile trafic and optimizing your site for mobile browsing. Better than using Google Reader.

11. WP-Paginate – It numbers archived pages and the bunch. Fast and useful.

12. Debug Queries – This is another awesome plug-in that helps you debug which of your MySQL queries are taking time to execute and thus slowing down the site for users.

13. YARRP – The related posts plug-in adds links to old stories that may be contextually related to the content of the current story. It also helps you expose your older content to search bots.

14. Smart YouTube – Like the SlideShare plug-in, Smart YouTube enables you to easily add videos from YouTube into your site. We use it on Softsailor too, just copy-paste the URL of a YouTube video into the text editor and it will be automatically converted to active embed code.

15. WP-Associatizer – This plug-in will automatically rewrite any Amazon URLs in your posts to use your Amazon Associates ID.

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