Review LG Ally


Review LG Ally

The LG Ally is, what Engadget likes to call it, a gap-filler, meaning that it fills the gap that has been created between the not so “smart” devices and the latest tech smartphones like the EVO 4G, Google’s Nexus One, the HTC Droid or the Droid Incredible. So, for users potential buyers that don’t want to spend that much money on their smartphones but still seek a Droid experience, a mere $100 price for a two-year deal to get their hands on the LG Ally is just what they need.

LG Ally Review

Unlike his other relatives produced by LG, like the Chocolate, the BL40 or the Shine series, Ally doesn’t excel in the designing chapter. Beside a couple of muted chrome strips aside the display, functionality has clearly overtook the design of the device. But for those who don’t want to attract any attention with it or simply want a smartphone that’s capable to get the job well done and have no interest in its design. So the future users of the device won’t be such a big of a problem.

The battery is covered in a soft-touch plastic (covering about 80% of the phone’s back). Along its sides we find the microSD card slot, which comes equipped with a 4GB card, and the micro USB port, both covered by plastic flaps. The plastic flap over the charging port is a bit annoying considering how often we charge our phones. On the front you will find four physical buttons, including Send and End which aren’t of much use from my point of view, and above them are placed two capacitive buttons (Back and Search).

As you can see, the device is also equipped with a QWERTY keyboard slide, fact that increases a bit it’s weight and thickness (15mm). The guys over at Engadget  say the keyboard has quite a nice feeling but are annoyed by the fact that LG has duplicated the Back, Home, Search and Menu buttons and left us with just on Alt for the alternative symbols. Regarding the monaural loudspeaker in the back, they had nothing to reproach and feel that it’s quite loud, as well as the earpiece.

The camera isn’t that great, as you might expect, but the LED flash was quite praised. You can make use of eight effects, ISO, configurable white balance and dedicated macro mode. So all-in-all it’s a pretty respectable smartphone.

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