Review: Google Nexus One


We already know how the Nexus One looks like, so I don’t think you’ll be so disappointed when you find out there are no fresh pictures available for you to see. Now, about the physical features of the Nexus One, you should that the iPhone 3GS is a bit thicker and a bit heavier too, so we’re dealing with a light-weighted Google phone here. The back of the Nexus One gives the impression of a more sophisticated phone than the iPhone 3GS, being made of some sort of rubbery material, not as rubbery as the Droid, but it find its place easily between the iPhone and the Droid. Don’t make any mistake believing in any other similarities with the Droid than the rubbery back. It’s very well curved, light and quite smooth, characteristics that you couldn’t find on the Droid. For now, you can connect it through microUSB, but you won’t find any accessories yet. The screen on the other hand is something you can’t really compare neither to the iPhone 3GS or the Droid, surpassing them without any effort. The colors seem to be much more vibrant on the N1 and the black colors are darker, as they should be. The brightness that is even higher than the Droid’s, make two previous mentioned phones seem washed out. Some say this could be the best screen ever seen on a smartphone. We can’t no for sure, but we heard talk about a 1GHz processor that might be accompanying the Nexus One, a “mind” that will blow Motorola’s Droid right out of the water, making it faster and swifter. Put these three phones together and start a webpage loading session over Wi-Fi and you will see that the Nexus One will remain in the lead followed by the iPhone and last comes the Droid. Nothing out of the ordinary regarding its 5 megapixel camera and the autofocus can be activated with the phone’s trackball. So if you’re looking for an Android phone well, you’re looking for Google’s Nexus One. We don’t know for sure yet if Google is planning to sell the N1 with now help, or planning a partnership with T-Mobile. That remains to be seen.

Google Nexus One

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