BlackBerry Storm 2 Reviews Vary In Tone


When the first Blackberry Storm came out, people received it in a whole bunch of ways. And that is kind of unusual. Let me tell you why: there are two ways “informed” users think of a smartphone (or many gadgets for that matter).

It’s either a) love it or hate it or b) not too much love nor too much hate. With the original Blackberry Storm, people seemed to love it, hate it, or just consider it.

The BlackBerry Storm 2 continues that wide review range.

While some reviews just note improvements to the phone (such as CrackBerry and CNET – the reviewer from CNET stated that he is not confident the Storm 2 will be too much of success), the reviewers from PC Mag and IntoMobile seemed to love the phone even though they did not receive well the first BlackBerry Storm. On the other side, TechRadar does somewhat of a mixed review in itself: it notes that the Storm 2 is a lot better than the original, they also say that it is only a logical step rather than something out of the ordinary.

The reviewer from the Wall Street Journal is probably the one that like the phone less of them all. He stated that there are improvements in the BlackBerry Storm but that the phone seriously needs a better interface as the traditional one is obsolete. Times UK provides yet another critical review stating that BlackBerry did not manage to appeal other users except the business class.

Given this range of opinions, you might want to give all these reviews a read before deciding to buy your Storm 2.

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