ASUS TUF – The Ultimate Force SABERTOOTH 55i.


The platform TUF (The Ultimate Force) from ASUS has been released. The motherboard is called SABERTOOTH 55i. This platform is only for those who want the extreme performance and have a predisposition for extreme over-clocking.

In general the public looks for good quality components and stable platforms. That’s why the TUF series before release are subjects to numerous tests in stress conditions, tests that are not applied by any of the other motherboard producers.

TUF offers very good performances, having a solid construction, and uses high quality materials that have passed tests of military rigor.

The motherboard ASUS SABERTOOTH 55i as deducted from the name is based on the P55 Intel chipset and has the newest cooling technology CeraM!X, which provide a better and more efficient cooling of the active components, as well as the idle ones, and offers to the entire system a stability with no compromises .

The optimal performance of the memories is granted by its cooling, that’s why the SABRETOOTH 55i includes COOLMem! – something like a slot for a cooler that can be either 40 mm or 50 mm in size, which will directly cool the memory modules. This will make the memory to run in a much more stable way.


The Sabretooth 55i platform integrates the ESP facility (Efficient Switching Power) for all its major components, a technology that allows the consumption inside the system to be optimized.

This ESP offers also 90% conversion efficiency, in compare with approximately 60% in the conventional linear design.

Built to last, the Sabretooth 55i as all the ASUS TUF models are designed for the enthusiastic people that prefer to build their own computers from scratch and want the best quality from components that delivers to them the best performance and stability .

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