Adobe Photoshop for iPhone Short Review


With Photoshop being regarded as the best photo editing tool that you can find and with the iPhone being… well… the iPhone, what do you thing happens when you combine the two? Well, you get the free Adobe Photoshop for iPhone application. How good is it? Read on to find out!

As you start the application, you will be given the option to select a photo from the library or just take a new one with the camera. Then you go on to edit the pic.
The toolbar style that was used for the drop down menu was well implemented and brings you quick access to a whole bunch effects and editing tools that you might like and use: rotate, flip, crop, saturation as well as some filters such as sketch, black & white, pop, border, rainbow, soft black & white, etc.

The lower part of the edit screen is basically just another toolbar. There are few things you can do with this toolbar, but they sure as hell are important: undo, redo, cancel or save the images, they are quick to access just by tapping the corresponding icon. There are two ways you can save a file: Save and Exit just saves the photo to the iPhone Photos collection while Save and Upload will give you the option to upload the pic to an online storage service that can be accessed by creating a account (the free version comes with 2 GB of online storage).

One thing that you will also enjoy besides the intuitive finger gestures you can use while editing is the fact that every edit you make is reversible, thus making sure that you won’t accidentally destroy that unique picture that you want to edit on your iPhone.

While the Photoshop application for the iPhone cannot bring you the same functionality as the desktop version, it is quick, free and easy mode to edit pictures from your handheld.

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