Tweetie 2 Review: The only iPhone Twitter App


Tweetie 2 is not just the best iPhone Twitter App, but maybe one of the best of all iPhone Apps. It has an excellent design, it loads very fast and everything is smooth. Tweetie was a good Twitter App, but this one is perfect and it’s definitely worth the price.

The interface isn’t very much different from the first version, just that the chat has been slightly changed, missing the bubbles that have been replaced by a stream of tweets and notification orbs for new tweets from your friends, mentions ( replies ) and direct messages.

Tweetie 2 iPhone App

It’s much easier and faster to use it because of the orbs that keep you updated continuously, so you don’t have to check every section manually.

Another excellent feature in Tweetie 2 is the offline capability, which saves the tweets on your iPhone so you can read them later and you won’t need any internet connection once Tweetie saves them. You can also save tweets as drafts and send them later.

Tweetie 2.0 Iphone

You can also set it up to receive push notifications when a specific person tweets. Unfortunately this feature isn’t available for mentions ( replies ) or direct messages. Tweetie 2 is also integrated with a lot of useful services like Tweet Blocker or Instapaper. Also it features the ability to link your Twitter contacts to your iPhone’s address book contacts.

In conclusion, Tweetie 2 is by far the best iPhone App for Twitter and it’s worth the $2.99, even if you already have the first-version Tweetie.

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