Nikon D3000 Review


The D3000 is a brand new member of the Nikon family: an entry-level DSLR that is basically an improved Nikon D60.

One of the improvements is the new 11 points focus system that has been successfully used in other cameras such as the D90 or the Nikon D5000. In addition, you also get the 3D tracking feature. Both of these improvements make it faster and more precise than its predecessor. The 3inch LCD screen is also better than what you get with the D60.

One thing that new DSLR users will enjoy is the Guide Mode. This feature will guide you through the settings so you can take the best possible shots. A great way to find out more about the settings and familiarize yourself with them.

Because it is an entry level DSLR, it does not have the 720p video capture mode that you can enjoy in the D90 or the D5000. Another disadvantage is that the camera can take only up to 3 shots a second. The Live View feature that D90 and D5000 users like so much is also not available with the D3000.

The metallic body is quite robust while the weight and the control arrangement really give you the feeling that you are using a professional camera.

The D3000 comes with the standard 18-55 VR objective. Used with the automatic settings, it can help you take decent photos, but you really need to tap into the DSLR-specific settings that the D3000 provides. Play with them for a while and you will soon begin taking amazing photos.

The D3000 is available on Amazon for 549.99.

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