Acer Glofiish DX900 Review


For those of you that could really use a Windows Mobile smartphone that can work with two SIM cards at the same time, Acer Glofiish DX900 might be the right choice. The 2,8 inch front screen can display a decent 480×640 pixel resolution, but the reported luminosity is kind of low. Other than that, the screen is highly responsive to the touch commands while the SPB Shell interface makes working with Windows Mobile a lot easier and more fun for the regular user.

The engine behind the DX900 is a 533MHz Samsung processor. It is a very capable processor, being one of the fastest around but despite that, the DX900 is slower than expected.
As for the battery, it can keep the smartphone in multimedia viewer mode for about 4 hours and 41 minutes and 4 hours and 46 minutes in wireless browsing mode. This is a lot less than what you would expect from your smartphone. It is not very comfortable to recharge your handheld every single day.

Despite the battery problems, things run quite smooth in other areas: the voice fidelity is very good (even though there is a short lag between the start of a conversation and the actual time you hear the voice) while the usage of one SIM card over the other can be easily done by using separate talk buttons (Talk1/Talk 2).

Overall, the Acer Glofiish DX900 is a decent smartphone with dual SIM capabilities that uses a performing platform. Ideal for those of you that need the dual SIM and want to use Windows Mobile in the same time.

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