Maximo iM-490 iMetal Isolation Stereo Earphones Review


Sadly when I bought my BlackBerry Storm I managed to lose my stereo earphones, but rest assured as I purchased a pair of the Maximo iM-490 iMetal Isolation Stereo Earphones which are even better than the original BlackBerry ones. However you don’t have to buy them only if you have a BlackBerry as the Maximo iM-490 iMetal Isolation Earphones work with the iPod, Mp3 players or other portable media players, and all smartphones who come packed with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The Maximo iM-490 iMetal Isolation Stereo Earphones are made of lightweight alloy metal which looks very cool. Many people think that the design is not important on a pair of stereo earphones, but that’s just wrong because that’s very important and Maximo’s earbuds passed the test with ease.

In the box you will find the Maximo iM-490 Stereo Earphones with Medium Sized Ear Tips, a 2 ft. extension cable, 2 x small and large eartips, a very stylish carrying pouch and the user’s guide. While the medium-sized eartips fit most people, you might wanna impress a chick with big ears(ok, this was a bad joke).

The Maximo iM-490 iMetal Isolation Earphones feature a 4 feet long cable, a 3.5mm stereo plug, 9mm Neodymium drivers, a maximum SPL output bigger than 120dB, more than 100dB sensitivity, 18Hz-22Hz frequency response, and a superior audio fidelity. These earphones are definitely great, and I have to say that it improves the sound very much. The sound on my Storm is unimpressive, but the deep, powerful bass on these earphones have improved audio playback by much.

Well, I truly recommend the Maximo iM-490 iMetal Isolation Stereo Earphones and I got mine at a very cheap price, and Amazon is selling a pair for $69.99 although you can find them also at Amazon new for $22.

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