Samsung Rogue Review, it’s cheap and pretty good


Verizon has just announced two Samsung smartphones, just after Labor Day, called Intensity and Rogue. Samsung Rogue features a big 3.1-inch touchscreen with the TouchWiz interface, has a slider design with a QWERTY keyboard, being great for navigation and messaging.

Rogue features a good web browser, 3 MP camera, 3G ( EV-DO ) with Verizon’s music and video service included, messaging and email applications, a memory card slot, Verizon Navigator.

It will come available with two data plans, one with 25MB included, priced at $9.99 a month, while $19.99 a month will get you 75MB. Samsung Rogue will be priced at $199.99 before a $100 rebate with a two-year contract and it comes in bronze and black. The device will hit the shelves on Tuesday

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