Download Stellarium 0.11.1 Free


Download Stellarium 0.11.1 Free

Stellarium is a very cool application and even if it’s not as popular, it’s kinda similar to the well know Google Earth application. I know that not so many people know that Stellarium even exits, but you should give it a try because it’s free of charge and you’ve got nothing to lose.

As you probably know, Google Earth lets you zoom in on any point of the planet and you have an outer space point of view. Well, offers exactly the opposite perspective meaning that it is able to place you at any point of the surface of the earth looking up at the big dark space.

Stellarium has a very interesting feature and you will notice that the virtual start system evolves as time passes. The sun will change its setting and all the constellations will become more striking at night. You have the possibility to trace lines for the star systems you like and there is a set of visual effects which can be switched on or off (the atmosphere is a good example). You will surely be impressed at first, but after a while you will probably get tired of staring bright dots on the screen and zooming out to stars far away won’t be fun any more. Of course, you can watch the stars as they move across the screen, but the movement is done very slowly so, it’s kind of boring is you ask me.

Google Earth is much more fun because it offers photos ans satellite images from all over the planet’s surface providing even the minor details. In contrast, Stellarium only offers realistic representations of the planets contained by the solar system on a much lower resolution that Google Earth. The developers claim that you can observe the present stars, but what they do not mention is the fact that the stars are only some white dots zipping throughout the sky (nothing spectacular about that).

I’m not saying that the developers did not put effort in creating Stellarium. The application features more than 120,000 stars which are plotted out in the virtual planetarium in a very accurate way, and this is not simple stuff. Nevertheless, this level of detail is probably meant for those who are truly into this kind of representation.

As a conclusion, I can say that the idea of having an application able to offer a view of all the stars and planets of the solar system is not bat at all, at least in theory. However, most people won’t be interested in it but
they will probably see it as a really smart live screensaver. Anyway, Stellarium can be a good choice if you have a thing for astronomy and want to learn the constellations, or you simply want to watch the sunset from up close.

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