Download Apache HTTP Server 2.2.19 Free


Download Apache HTTP Server 2.2.19 Free

In case you are searching for a good open source server, stop looking because you’ve just found it. Apache HTTP Server is the best cross platform server you can find. Since it appeared, in ’96, Apache HTTP Server has been the most used open source server and it still is. The developers wanted to create and maintain HTTP server for newer operating systems and that’s how Apache HTTP Server was born.

A study was made and the results were incredible, almost 70 percent of the Internet websites are using Apache as server. It’s really something because it’s more widely used than all others together, thus it’s a very reliable server if so many people use it.

You have to know that the programs doesn’t provide wizards to guide you throughout the process, so if you don’t know how to configure a server, it’s better to stay away or check put the explicit documentation which indeed can be very helpful as it explains how to perform the installation on its every step.

When you begin the installation you will be required to specific what method to you desire. You can install and run it as a Service, or you an choose to install it in order to run in a console window when you click the application’s shortcut. After that, you simply have to enter the name for the Server, the Domain name and an email (for the administrator). From here things are much easier as Apache will handle most of the configuration. However, you will still have to install certain files in several directories by yourself. If you don’t know how and where, this could be a problem.

All in all, Apache HTTP Server is all about effectiveness and it’s the champion in its league and it looks like no other software can take its crown, at least for now.

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