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Download Lingoes Free

English is the most common language used on the Internet, but not all web visitors know it so it’s really difficult for them when they access web sites that are only in English. For those users it was developed Lingoes which is a handy application designed to help at that matter.

Lingoes seems to be a whole-in-one application that includes an extensive dictionary and  a translator service. The most important features of the program gives the idea of an excellent software because it includes word pronunciation, automatic translations, it can display the definition of any words which you select in a webpage or document and it has support for more that eighty different languages. Apart from the translations features Lingoes also incorporate several useful tools such as the abbreviation chart, an irregular verbs chart, a periodic table, a converter for international time zones, a directory which includes various dialing codes, a currency converter and others.

Still, Lingoes is not so great as it appears to be because it has its issues and they are not easy to overlook. First, the interface of the application may seem simple, but it’s actually not as it can be very confusing because of its misleading design. Of course, eventually you will get the hang of it, it could take a while, though. Another disappointment are the dictionaries which are not there, many of them have to be separately downloaded from the internet. This is not really a bad thing because that can be done easily considering that they are free, but to claim that the application contains this and that when actually it doesn’t…it’s a little low.

Now lets move on to another feature. Probably the most useful one would be the automatic translation. To use it you just need to press CTRL and right click on the exact word you need a definition for. After you do that, three things should pop-up on the screen: the definition for the word obviously, a search tool in case you want to dig in for a deeper definition, and an audio file which normally contain the pronunciation of the word. But, is it something wrong with this feature? Of course there is. The problem is that it doesn’t work with most words despite the fact that some of them are included in the database of Lingoes, the one that contains the definitions. This surely is the biggest drawback of the application because it practically annuls its main usefulness which is to have a reliable dictionary for daily usage.

Another downside, which the developers present it like a big deal, is that it is powered by Google Translate and from my personal experience this is not really a good thing because Google’s tool is not always accurate and sometimes you can’t find specific words at all.

If you manage to get over these problems, you may find Lingoes to be a handy tool in other domain using the extra functions.

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