Download VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English 1.0 Free Trial / Full Verision


Download VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English 1.0 Free Trial / Full Verision

For anyone needing an excellent application that offers a to-do-point Arabic-English-Arabic dictionary, use VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English. Whenever you need an application that is capable to translate words and phrases that show-up in Windows applications from Arabic into English and vice-versa use this free VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English translation software.

All you have to do is download VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English and run the program, after that the program will translate the words and phrases that appear in websites and Windows programs.

In order to properly use VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English just click onto a phrase or a world and the program will open a pop-up with the translation or the definition that you require, so all that is needed from your part is to point the mouse to the word or sentence that need to be translated.

On the other hand you can type the or the phrase into the VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English window, or once the program is running select and click on a phrase or word to get your definition or translation.

Check bellow some important VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English functionalities:

  1. You are just one click away from further writing new terms to private dictionary, and benefiting from a user-defined dictionary.

  2. A comprehensive Arabic-English-Arabic dictionary, offers support for elaborated entries and Arabic diacritics, all being packed in a extensive bilingual dictionary.

  3. One of VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English greatest functionality is that users may type with Arabic characters even without having a keyboard.

Users might try the VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English application first in the 30 days trail period, and if it is fit to your necessities you can buy the full version of the program. The price is $23.95 which is not expensive considering all the great features that this program has to offer.

The VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English latest version comes with some improvements consisting in direct results from Wikipedia for English and Arabic languages, a new capability to detect phrases and expressions. An Arabic and English dictionary which has been updated for both languages, also if users need a fast and concise translation this program comes with a micro windows capable of dealing with this task. Do not forget about the very useful Virtual Arabic Keyboard feature.

This Arabic-English app comes with a very precise user-defined dictionary support, highly useful in any circumstances.

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