Download Google Earth Free


Download Google Earth Free

When Google Earth was developed it was considered quite a revolutionary software that indeed offered us the possibility to look upon the world from another perspective. Google Earth allows any of users to zoom in on any particular landmark no matter the location. It’s like you are actually there.

Google Earth is more than a software which has the power to display images which can only be observed from satellites, but it also allows you to see various terrains and even buildings that are redesigned through a 3D technology. As well as in Google Maps you can search for different locations and directions by pinpointing any area you want, then zoom in to take a closer look.

The map can be enhanced with various layers that are included in Google Earth and constantly updated. Practically, you can add any layer you want to the map provided by the application. If you are concerned about the environment you can check for various national parks and animal species that are in danger of disappearing or other spots which can be visited as tourist.

Also, if you are into historical landscapes and information, you can find this kind of stuff as well. Google Earth can also be used as a news source as it offers detailed information about various calamities such as forest fires or tsunamis which is a more topical aspect.

A good thing about Google Earth is that with every new version it brings new features and it doesn’t limit only on terrain views, offering info and satellite images containing other places around the globe. The applications features several options depending on what you are interested about.

If you want to observe the stars you have the opportunity to take a much closer view by switching to the Sky mode which will guide among all the important constellations.

In case you like water and all the things related, you can turn on the Water surface feature and receive the chance to explore the seas and oceans and all the living creatures within them. Using this option you will have the possibility to explore various shipwrecks such as the Titanic in 3D.

Also, Google Earth provides options to observe the moon or the planet Mars, if you feel ready to take a longer trip in deep space. A new feature that Google Earth brings is the Historical Imagery which allows you to pick a certain location and observe its evolution in time (this option is excellent for those passionate about time traveling).

Google Earth allows you to view the streets of all important cities. You can search for locations such as restaurants, theaters, and historical monuments. Also you can see what area of the world has a higher crime rate by browsing the application’s statistics. And because the program is well integrated with Google SketchUp, you can create your own buildings and see how they would look like having all the surroundings from Google Earth.

Google Earth has only a minor drawback. The amount of RAM consumed in the process in pretty large. That’s why the users owning computer with poor performances might encounter problems when using the application. Fortunately, Google Earth version 6 provides the necessary tools to solve this issue. Just access the Options menu and perform the configuration you need.

The navigation tools provided by Google Earth offers a very intuitive usage making it very easy to “travel” around the world. Depending on how popular and important is the location you select, the program can show more or less information.

Overall, Google Earth is an application that has no rival (at least until now), offering the opportunity to browse the whole world and more.

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