How To Unprotect And Play M4V Audio Files On Other Non-Apple Devices


How To Unprotect And Play M4V Audio Files On Other Non-Apple Devices

The M4V media format has been created by Apple for its iTunes application and, it is the default file format for Apple’s devices. It is very similar to MP4 only that the M4V audio&video format comes with DRM copywright and customized AC3 dolby digital audio format. In this article you will find instructions on how to unprotect the M4V audio files you downloaded via iTunes and how to play such files on other devices that aren’t developed by Apple Inc.

Apple designed the M4V media format for iTunes App and it is used as both video and audio content and it has been described as being very similar to MP4 file format. It comes packed with DRM protection by Apple and it supports AC3 Dolby Digital audio files. The audio and video files from iTunes are almost all DRM protected by Apple, which means that these can’t be played on other devices that aren’t Apple-based. Now, if you wish to unprotect the M4V files and play them on non-Apple devices then you should follow the instructions listed below. Please note that there are two method that you can use.

How to unprotect M4V files using Almedia Converter Tool:

  1. Launch Chrome or whatever default internet browser you’re using and follow the link that takes you to Almedia Converter application. Wait for the download to be completed.

  2. When Almedia Converter utility has been successfully saved on your PC, simply double-click it to start the installation process.

  3. When the install is complete you need to launch the program.

  4. Click the button that says ‘Add’ and choose the M4V audio files that you wish to convert.

  5. From the ‘Audio Files’ dropdown menu make sure to select ‘MP3′.

  6. Now you need to select the folder where you wish to store the files you’ve created with Almedia Converter.

  7. Now click on ‘Start’ and wait until the applications completes its process and all M4V files you’ve selected have been successfully unprotected.

This was the first method that you had to try, but in case you can’t seem to understand or you simply cannot make it work, then I recommend to try the instructions listed under the second method below.

How to unprotect M4V files using SoundTaxi Converter utility:

  1. Go to and click the button that says ‘Free Trial’. Place its installer icon on your computer’s desktop.

  2. Now you need to install the application. Follow the installation instructions and when everything is complete move to the next step.

  3. Launch SoundTaxi program.

  4. Click “Settings” and where it says’Encoder for audio files’ select ‘mp3′.

  5. Choose ‘Perfect 320kbps’ for the option that titled ‘Compression quality’.

  6. Now choose the output folder where you wish to send the unprotected m4v files.

  7. Click ‘Select Files’ and by using the file browser select the m4v files that you wish to convert.

  8. When done, click the button that says ‘Convert’ and SoundTaxi will begin the conversion process.

These were all the steps that you had to take in order to successfully unprotect and convert m4v files. Now you should be able to play them with any device or software that ins’t Apple-based. For any other questions please use the comments field.

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