iPhone 6, iPhone Mini, and iPhone Phablet Concepts Go Live


iPhone 6, iPhone Mini, and iPhone Phablet Concepts Go Live

Even though the Apple released the iPhone 5 just five months ago, the iOS fans are already expecting the next smartphone. Also, the ones with design skills have created some prototypes of how they imagine that the next Apple device will look like.

For instance, 3D designer Peter Zigich has published a few concept pictures featuring the iPhone 6, the iPhone Mini and some kind of Apple phablet. He let his imagination go wild and design the iPhone 6 sporting the home button on the right side of the handset leaving room for a larger display and an extra icons row. In spite if the fact that the iPhone 6 has a larger screen, the physical dimensions of the smartphone remain the same due to the smaller bezel. The designer is also thinking about adding a home button on the other side as well, although I don’t see why the users would need two of them.

As for the iPhone Mini, Zigich designed it as a smaller model of the iPhone 6 that would be meant to rival some mid-range phones of other manufacturers. The handset would be perfect for emerging markets where Samsung and LG have the upper hand. Speaking of which, there have actually been some rumors saying that Apple will release a smaller smartphone and that it would sport a 4-inch screen (which is weird because the iPhone 5 sports a display that measures 4 inches, and it’s the biggest one coming from Apple) and it would be made of plastic. The iPhone Mini imagined by Zigich is more stylish being made from the same premium materials as the flagship. Also, his version has a smaller 3.5-inch display.

Even though there have been no reports about Apple developing a phablet (device which has become very popular among the users), the 3D designer made one himself. Like any other phablet, it would have a much bigger screen that would make rook for an extra row or icons, as well as for an extra column.

However, it’s hard to believe that Apple will manufacture a phablet, at least not soon. The company itself claimed that there is no need for a display larger than 3.5 inches. Curiously, after the statement the company launched the iPhone 5 which has a 4-inch screen.

If Apple would come up with an even larger device it would be a smart move because all of its competitors are doing it. If the company would stay forever faithful to smaller handset, the users will start to lose interested even if they are Apple products lovers.

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