HTC M7 “Accidentally” Showed By Company’s CEO, It’s Expected To Debut At MWC 2013


HTC M7 “Accidentally” Showed By Company’s CEO, It’s Expected To Debut At MWC 2013

HTC is going to hold an event on February 19th to launch a series of new products including its flagship, the HTC M7. Even though, the details about the M7 still remain unknown, a leaked video has surface the web featuring Peter Chou (HTC’s CEO) at the HTC Year_end Party in Taipei showing the phone off to a bunch of users. It looks like Peter Chou is taking photos with the M7 itself.

The showed device appears in two editions, the silver and the white edition. The interesting thing is that the smartphone seems to have a smaller size than the previously rumored  4.7-inches. The HTC M7 will probably be launched at the February 19th event accompanied by the other leaked HTC One devices. All the phones will replace the HTC One lineup that was release at the Mobile World Congress 2012.

The second most important device that has been leaked is the HTC M4 that will be sporting a 4.3-inch screen with a resolution of 720p. The M4 is powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon CPU. The device seems to be very similar to the HTC One S, released last year, with some differences meaning that the M4 will comes with 2GB of RAM, a 13MP camera on the back with f/2.0 and 1080p video recording abilities, and a 1.6MP camera on the front side. The phone will run Android Jelly Bean. As for the battery, it will come with a 1700mAh one.

Finally, the third leaked device is the HTC G2 which is clearly developed to take on the cheap side of the market as it has a 1.0GHz ARM cortex processor (single core) with a 3.5-inch HVGA display.  It also features 4GB of internal storage, which can be extended with a microSD, a 5MP rear camera, 512MB of RAM and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It is possible that the HTC G2 will be named HTC One G2 in order to be differentiated from the first G2 which was released a couple of years ago.

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