Devs Show Interest In Windows Phone And BlackBerry 10 OS Apps, Reveals ABI Research


Devs Show Interest In Windows Phone And BlackBerry 10 OS Apps, Reveals ABI Research

In one of its newest studies, ABI Research shows the platforms shares of the smartphone and tablet markets. When it comes to smartphones, Android is the leader by far, accounting for 57% of all the phones. Second place is occupied by iOS with 21% or the smartphone market. However, when it comes to tablets, the tables change drastically. Apple is clearly dominating the market with 62%, and Android has only 28%.

As you see, Apple and Google share the first two places in both smartphone and tablet markets. However, there are other platforms that need to be mentioned such as Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10. Aapo Markkanen, who is a senior analyst at ABI Research, says that this year should be a great year for both BlackBerry and Microsoft. He thinks that by the end of 2013 over 45 million handsets in use will run on Windows Phone, and about 20 million will have BlackBerry 10 as the operating system. Plus, there will be more than 5 million Windows-powered tablets.

All of these figures refer to actively used handsets. Numbers which app developers should have in mind and start releasing software for the two platforms. If the figures will become real, then the two companies will continue to be in the game for a long time.

As many people already know, BlackBerry 10 was launched with 70,000 applications, which ensures multiple choices for the Q10 and Z10 users right from the start.

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