Samsung Galaxy S4 Will Not Be Revealed At MWC 2013


Samsung Galaxy S4 Will Not Be Revealed At MWC 2013

It won’t be much longer until the Mobile World Congress that will be hold in Barcelona. One of the most expected device is Samsung’s new Galaxy S4, but doesn’t seem that the Korean company will launch it at the event. Just like last year, Samsung wants to be in the center of attention and will probably hold an event of its own for the release of the Galaxy S4. The information has been confirmed by a person familiar with the company’s plans.

This doesn’t mean that Samsung will make no announcements at the MWC whatsoever, but big companies such as this have begun a trend of using their own events for major product announcements. This is good for the product itself because it will enjoy all the attention from the customers and media, while at the MWC the device will compete with other products developed by other firms. The first company that began this trend was Apple, over the past couple of years, Samsung and Microsoft followed Apple’s footsteps by reducing their presence at trade shows. Other major phone makers do the same thing. RIM has just held an event of its own and launched its new smartphone, and HTC will hold an event a week before MWC.

The Galaxy S3 was launched in May 2012 before an important event, the CTIA Wireless conference. The devices of the Galaxy S franchise are the only ones that can be compared with Apple’s iPhone when it comes to popularity among the customers. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has the same amount of interest, and no matter when and where Samsung decides to hold an event, the media will follow.

The journey started along with the launch of the original Galaxy S, which was developed in four different versions, one for each of the national carriers in the United States. The current flagship, the Galaxy S3, along with the Galaxy S Note 2 are sold by all carriers unaltered.

At the moment, Samsung is number one in the world when it comes to selling smartphones, but has fallen to second place in the US since the iPhone 5 was released on the market. Samsung’s goal seems to be regaining its title in the US, and the company can do it with the Galaxy S4.

Nevertheless, even without Samsung, the Mobile World Congress, which will kick off in the last week of February, still remains an important event and wee expect announcements from various companies such as Nokia and Huawei.

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