iPad Popularity Dropping, But It’s Still The Market Leader


iPad Popularity Dropping, But It’s Still The Market Leader

Even though it looks like it stopped innovating and even though it lost the momentum gained in recent years, Apple remains the undisputed leader in the tablet market. While the iPad remains a brand name with resonance in the ears of buyers, the growth announced for last year is below the market average, showing a huge discrepancy from Samsung – the company that currently dominates the smartphone market.

Thus, although the iPad tablet market share is 43.6%, way above Samsung’s 15.1%, Apple is still going through a period of decline, losing significant share from 51.7% measured in 2011. For comparison, Samsung was able in 2012 to raise its market share to 15.1%, well above the 7.3% measured in the previous year.

Compared with 2011, Apple shipped 75.3% more tablets (22.9 million), achieving a revenue growth of 48.1%. In contrast, Samsung shipped 7.9 million tablets obtained revenues increased by 263%. Even once had a market share estimated at 5.8% and in 2012 only 3.1 million shipped tablets from Asus who enjoyed an increase of 402.5% compared with 2011.

With sales too small to have a noticeable impact on the tablet market, Microsoft Surface tablets come with the offer of various manufacturers in the category, estimated to have 22.1% market share and an increase in preioada 2011/2012 of 77.4%.

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