Google Earth Updated With 100,000 Virtual Tours Of Popular Destinations


Google Earth Updated With 100,000 Virtual Tours Of Popular Destinations

Google has announced a massive upgrade to Google Earth Tour Guide function, which is already available on the Google Earth application for Android, iOS and desktop PCs.

In other words, the Tour Guide mode gives Google Earth users a way to explore interesting locations on the map near the point at which they navigated, choosing from a list of selected places that are updated whenever we zoom to a new area of the map . Basically, Tour Guide function is the way Google shows interesting locations which may not even know existed.

For now, those eager to discover new holiday destinations or explore exotic locations from the comfort of your own armchair benefit from a more diverse selection of cities, interesting places and tourist destinations from over 200 countries. Along with the 100,000 new locations and 11,000 collection locations given in October 2012 received improvements, so many worthy destinations reexplorate.

The new collection combines experience virtual tours 3D flyover above virtual replicas of buildings and landscapes, with real photo albums taken from the archives of Wikipedia, which we can form a more complete picture about the real locations. Additionally, Google introduced Place Highlight an option and added more than 1 million images uploaded to Panoramio users archives. Each virtual tour is completed by a collection of images Panoramio chosen as most representative of the target location.

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