iOS 6.1 Jailbreak Named Evasi0n, New Website Goes Live


iOS 6.1 Jailbreak Named Evasi0n, New Website Goes Live

The jailbreak solution for iOS 6.1 is coming on Sunday, but this release didn’t have an official name until today. Well, the new jailbreak is called a Evasi0n and even got an website: A group of hackers known as Evad3rs is working at this project for for months now.

With the release of the jailbreak all iOS terminals of the moment, except the third generation Apple TV will be compatible with the software. Note Evasi0n’s website address because there are already other websites that falsely promote an iOS 6.1 jailbreak solution, but only this one is real.

Evad3rs announced on Twitter that jailbreak is ready for beta testing before launch at the end of the week. The jailbreak software will be available for Mac, Windows and Linux and supports all iOS terminals capable of running on iOS 6.0 or higher.

All you have to do is connect your iDevice and let that tool to do the job in about 5 minutes. As usual before any software changes you should back up your files in iCloud backup or iTunes, and if you have a terminal with iOS 5.0 and jailbreak iOS should backup the Cydia packages separately.

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