iPhone 5 To Be Thinner Courtesy Of iPad Mini’s Display Technology


iPhone 5 To Be Thinner Courtesy Of iPad Mini’s Display Technology

Digitimes, the publication that has sources from within all major hardware companies has found interesting information about iPad 5. It seems that the upcoming Apple tablet uses a 9.7-inch screen uses a  G/F2 (DITO) touch screen , the same technology used on the iPad Mini, in order to keep the tablet thinner.

The idea is to use a film strip structure for the touch panel, minimizing thickness of this component as much as possible. The current iPad models use a G / G structure, and switching to G/F2 seems to be a better solution than One Glass Solution (OGS), which we’ve seen on some Windows Phone 8 models recently. iPad 5 part suppliers will be the same as for the iPad Mini, Japan’s Nitto being the one providing the film strip layer and Nissha Printing manufacturing the touchscreen panels.

Taiwanese from TPK be the ones to laminate the terminal and LG Display and Sharp will provide the panels for the tablet. All these Apple partners will have to provide about 4-5 million units per month in 2013 to ensure good stocks from sales of iPad 5.

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