BlackBerry Z10 Camera Disappoints, Gets Compared To Nokia Lumia 920′s


BlackBerry Z10 Camera Disappoints, Gets Compared To Nokia Lumia 920′s

The guys at Crackberry and Gizmodo had the opportunity to perform hands-on testing with the freshly released BlackBerry Z10 smartphone¬†and have already drawn some conclusions, at least when it comes about its camera. Yesterday, Gizmodo twitted¬†complaining¬†complained that low light photos taken with Z10′s are very bad.

Today, we her that the BlackBerry Z10′s camera was compared with Nokia Lumia 920, iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III in tests. Lumia 920 won the battle, as proven and photos below. The Galaxy S III was one lagging behind, while Apple’s iPhone 5 performed decently, but not to much above the competition. The BlackBerry Z10 is way behind, and the very dark pictures speak for themselves. I remind you that BlackBerry Z10 comes with and 8 megapixel camera with a feature called Time Shift revolutionary.

This feature allows you to capture a few photos in a set, then lets users choose the best version to a person’s face. Returning to the comparison photo, notice that when conducting flash pictures, Z10 seems to ruin the image, while the Galaxy S III and Lumia 920 do a good job. I just became even more eager to test this new world!

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