Windows Phone 7.8 Software Update Rolled Out Officially


Windows Phone 7.8 Software Update Rolled Out Officially

The main event of the week was surely the release of BlackBerry 10 developed by RIM. However, those who own a Windows Phone-based device had a few surprises as well, such as updates for the operating system, some deals with Google, and Windows Phone 8 sync application updates.

Yesterday, after a long wait, The Windows Phone 7.8 update finally began rolling out to Windows Phone 7.5 handsets. The update brings older devices features that would normally be present only in Windows 8 such as the new Start screen design with three Live Tile sizes, Bing’s daily image on the lock screen and 20 accent colors.

Microsoft has not specified the exact date when every particular device will receive the update, but the company and its hardware partners say that all the phones will be updated before the end of February. All the Windows Phone users will receive a notification as soon as the update is available. As you already may know, Windows 8 updates can be made over-the-air. Sadly, Windows Phone 7.x does not have support for it, so in order to update your operating system, you will have to connect the device to your PC and utilize the Zune software client. Through Zune you can download and install the update.

Good news for Gmail users as well as Microsoft and Google finally have come to an agreement concerning Google’s decision to seize support for the Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) protocol. Google’s original plan was to stop the access to Gmail, Calendar, and Contacts using EAS as of yesterday (which remains the case for many devices). It seems that Google has delayed the action for the owners of Windows Phone handsets as they doesn’t yet have support for alternative options such as CardDAV and CalDAV protocols. Google says that it will permanently turn off the support for EAS on July, 2013. However, the company wants to assure the users that the alternative features will be added on Windows Phone by then. The bad news is that the temporary postponement doesn’t apply for the devices that run Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Finally, Microsoft has updated the Windows Phone application for desktop to Preview 3. There is not much improvement, just an enhanced way of physically transferring content to a Windows Phone 8 device. The app is another method of adding or removing files from your phone.

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