BlackBerry 10 OS Showed In Hands-on Video


BlackBerry 10 OS Showed In Hands-on Video

At CES 2013 which is taking place in Las Vegas, the guys fromĀ have had the possibility to talk to Research in Motion developer Tom Anderson and Alex Kinsella from BlackBerry. The writers had a chance to take a look at some of the features and gestures that will be present in the new BlackBerry 10 OS. The company has focused its efforts around touch for the new BlackBerry operating system and it will launch a fully-touch slate touchscreen device, but also a classic touch and QWERTY smartphone. Sadly, RIM did not give any other details about the specifications and said that all will be clear starting with the official announcement on January 30.

The gestures of the new BlackBerry 10 OS won’t steep learning curve for anyone, though a set of new features will be introduced to the platform, features which will be more than welcomed by the users. One of these new features is the BlackBerry Hub which includes all your alerts and notifications. The BlackBerry Hub feature is a mixture between Microsoft’s People Hub used on the Windows phones and the notification drawer featured on Android. The function can be really useful because it enables users to view the information and content which they consider to be more important, without having to browse around very much.

Another useful feature is the BlackBerry Peek, feature that lets you view the incoming notifications without having to interrupt whatever you were doing at that time. Sadly, a video of this functions is not available yet.

RIM release a demo video featuring the next-to-come touchscreen keyboard for BlackBerry 10. The video is some kind of tutorial on how to type and usage behavior. One cool ting is the predictive engine which has the ability to learn what you do and then show you predictive words above the letters. For example, in the web browser, if you type “w”, the predictive engine will indicate “www” right on top of the W key and all you have to do is swipe up from the key to accept the predictive word. It’s the same case for any of the sites you visit more often. For instance, if you frequent Reddit, the word will appear above the R key every time you type it.

RIM considers that he learning curve for the new gestures won’t be high, and once the users will become familiar with them they will be able to manage their notifications and interact with the smartphone without workflow interruption.

In addition, the new operating system comes with a feature called BlackBerry Balance, which is meant to cross some sort of line between your personal life and work life. The function will be very useful for enterprise users, especially for those who are worried about security. BlackBerry Balance will provide you with distinct user profiles for work and personal. The good thing is the the content and information from one user profile cannot be mixed with the content from the other profile, providing a more secure environment.

This is just a briefing until we will return with more information about BlackBerry 10 devices, on January 30 when the company will officially announce its products. RIM stated that the handsets will be available for purchase shortly after the announcement. This depends on regions and carriers.

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