iOS 6.0.2 Update For iPhone 5 And iPad Mini Fixes WiFi Issues


iOS 6.0.2 Update For iPhone 5 And iPad Mini Fixes WiFi Issues

Yesterday, released an operating system update. It’s not a very big deal, just a minor update to iOS 6 that is meant to solve the problem that affected the Wi-Fi of some of the new devices.

According to Apple’s release notes, the update does not include any extra features or security fixes, but it will just fix a small bug the might affect the Wi-Fi. The software was release yesterday morning for the company’s newest products meaning the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini.

The software same only a day after the company has provided the developers with a fourth beta of iOS 6.1. The upgrade will probably be release at the end of the month and will come with new boarding pass behavior in the company’s Passbook software, a back-end change in the mapping service, improvements to its web browser, revamped music playback controls from the lock screen, and the possibility to buy tickets through Fandago in Siri.

Until know, some of the users had complains about various issues such as dropped connections and poor reception. However, Apple did not specified on which Wi-Fi problem the software addressed.

In order to install the update, it seems that the Apple users have to currently go through iTunes. Of course there is also the integrated updating tool, but the users claim that when you attempt to use the tool to receive the update, the result is only an error message saying that the handset is not able to check for any updates.

The last time Apple released an update was on November first and the software was for updating iOS 6 to iOS 6.0.1. Back then, the update brought a load of bug fixes such as the one that didn’t let iPhone 5 users to install over-the-air software updates. It also fixed a bug that was removing calendar meetings when the user accepted an invitation, and a bug that caused lines to appear on the software keyboard.

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