Apple Preparing For Early iPad Mini 2 Release Date


Apple Preparing For Early iPad Mini 2 Release Date

According to a report from RBC Capital Markets, some of the chipmakers are getting ready for the next iPad Mini and Samsung is developing a smartphone that will sport a bendable display and probably an early introduction of the Galaxy S4.

Doug Freedman, an RBC Capital Markets analyst, who is currently touring chip companies in China provides a note which is kind of unclear, saying that “Apple’s gen-2 iPad mini is getting pulled-in”. If you ask me, “pulled-in” could suggest that Apple is moving forward with the intro of the second-generation iPad Mini. It would me more helpful if we actually knew the time when the new iPad Mini is scheduled to ship in the first place. However, we must not get to excited about this since the current device is yet in short supply.

The note also says that the “TXN is gaining content”. As far as I know, TXN refers to Texas Instruments Incorporated which collaborated with Apple in the past by supplying various components which include touchscreen line drivers.

This is still kid of blurry, what interests me more in his note is a remark about the future displays and phones developed by Samsung. He says that the future Samsung display will have an unbreakable plastic substrate by the end of the second quarter of 2013 and will be bendable in the second half of next year.

As I recall, the Samsung representatives claimed last month that the company will launch smartphones with bendable displays.

Freedman also wrote something about the Samsung Galaxy S4: ”Galaxy 4 likely ships a month early if carriers want it at end of March, [semiconductor companies]…support will start mid-Feb”.

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