Google Maps For iOS Downloaded 10 Million Times In Just Two Days


Google Maps For iOS Downloaded 10 Million Times In Just Two Days

Since Google released its mapping service for iOS last week, a lot of people have downloaded it. Well, yesterday Google released the full numbers. Jeff Hubber, who is senior vice president of Google’s Commerce & Local, wrote yesterday that the Google Maps software was downloaded more than 10 million times in the first two days on the App Store only. He said that the company is very excited about the high number of people who downloaded the software, and also he’s grateful for the hard work that the Maps team poured into it.

After the last week release, Google’s application rapidly seized the first position of the most downloaded free applications. The release of the software took everybody by surprise because the first news about its arrival appeared only a few hours before it went live.

The Google Maps application comes with some features that user no longer found in the standard maps software, which the company replaced with its own services and data when it released iOS 6. Apart from the now classic public transit directions and the Street View technology, the applications also brings several new functions like the vector-based map tiles and spoken turn-by-turn driving directions.

To highlight the 10 million downloads so far, Apple stated that over 200 million Apple customers were running iOS 6 in October, which represent about half of the iOS devices sold until that date. The users that have their devices running on iOS 5 and below still have the mapping software developed by Apple which uses data from Google. Neither Google nor Apple have specified for how long that functionality will go on.

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