Foxconn Hinted As Amazon Smartphone Maker


Foxconn Hinted As Amazon Smartphone Maker

2007 is the year when Amazon entered into the mobile hardware industry with is first tablet called Kindle. Several other tablet models have been released since then, but a lot of rumors appeared saying the retail giant is planing to launch its first smartphone one day. Yesterday, a rumor started to surface the web about Amazon contracting Foxconn into manufacturing a smartphone. It seems that Amazon sent a five-million units order to the Chinese manufacturer.

The news appeared on Taiwan Economic News, and according to the website Amazon offered an exclusive contract to Foxconn to build the device. As for its price tag, it is rumored to be between $100 and $200. People may thing that 5 million units is a big number, but it’s actually not if we take into consideration the fact that Apple sold the same number of units of iPhone 5′s in the first three days since its release in the United States only.

As for the release date Amazon’s smartphone, it still remains unknown, but it is said to be sometime between the second quarter and the third quarter of 2013. This means that the launch will happen between April and September 2013, which is not very satisfying being a rather large window. The only way we can narrow it down is to take into consideration the device launches of other companies. Apple might hold a launching event in June, and the Google I/O will be in May, so it’s likely that Amazon will announce the smartphone after the above named events.

The company will surely go abroad with the new device, at least in countries where it already offers their services, thus 5 million units is a rather small number for such a big retailer. However, it is possible that the 5 million smartphones to represent only the first order, and many would follow afterwards. With the small price tag in mind, the first Amazon smartphone will probably sell out nicely.

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