Samsung Galaxy Note 3 To Come With 6.3-inch OLED Display


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 To Come With 6.3-inch OLED Display

As everyone anticipated the next-gen Samsung phablet, unofficially dubbed Galaxy Note 3, will hit the market in 2013.

Reports are indicating that the South Korea-based company already has the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on its work tablet, and it seems that it will become the smartphone with the biggest display, as it will pack a gigantic 6.3-inch display.

The sources close to the South Korean phone maker claim that the yet-unannounced Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will pack a 6.3-inch display that will make use of OLED-based technology.

For the time being there aren’t any more details regarding the next gigantic Samsung smartphone, but the evolution of the display size is almost certain.

Still, a smartphone that sports a 6.3-inch display is a device that’s bigger than may e-readers.

I’m not sure whether Samsung’s strategy to push the limit of their phablets to extreme sizes will have the effects the company expects. In my opinion, 6.3 inches for a smartphone display is a bit too much, but I am confident that there’s a market for such devices…

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