BlackBerry 10 L Series Terminal Caught On Camera


BlackBerry 10 L Series Terminal Caught On Camera

If you stopped believing in RIM and their BlackBerry terminals you would better take a look at the video below, that comes straight from Vietnam. We are talking about the Vietnamese website, popular for its hand-on videos of unannounced smartphones.

Today, we get to look at a BlackBerry 10 OS-powered smartphone, belonging to the L Series line-up and codenamed London. You’ve already seen its leaked pictures, here.

The terminal looks great, has a back that seems like being made using soft touch materials and a battery lit that can be easily removed. What stroke me as unusual is the design used by RIM for the battery, which only occupies half the space underneath the case and not it whole width like it happens to most of the smartphones.

Anyway, we are starting to get the idea behind the user interface proposed by BlackBerry 10 OS. For example, you can trigger the notifications area with a swipe to the right, while a swipe to the left will bring the applications area, if I am not terribly wrong.

The display of the BlackBerry 10 OS terminal is bright and the camera app UI is simple and clean. You can see a comparison between the real size of the smartphone and the prototype protected by a case, in order to hide its real design.

The smartphone doesn’t show any signs of lag and we have also spotted some apps installed on the BlackBerry 10 device, like Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

After seeing this video, I can imagine the guys at RIM getting a market share above Microsoft’s Windows Phone.

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