Yahoo Launches New Apps For iOS, Android, Windows 8, And Browsers


Yahoo Launches New Apps For iOS, Android, Windows 8, And Browsers

Yahoo is still one of the most popular email service providers, and the company now claims that the email has just became one of the easiest forms of communication.

Most of the subscribers are using their mobile devices to access their electronic mail, and Yahoo wants to provide the best applications for their services.

First of all, Yahoo has launched a dedicated application for iOS. The Yahoo! Mail app is available for free for iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3rd generation and all the latter models, but only for those running on iOS 6.0. For the time being, the application is only available in English, but the support for other languages is expected to drop soon.

The Yahoo Mail application for Android was already available in Google Play, but it was recently updated, being renamed as Y! Mail.

Among the improvements promised by Yahoo, there are better stability, reduced resource consumption, optimized push notification, and default SSL connection.

The new user interface is based almost exclusively on touch interaction, as the user will have to swipe through the menus in order to display the options and the folders in the email application. A swipe down in any email folder, will refresh the messages.

In order to get all the contacts in the Yahoo Mail application, whether it’s on iOS or Android, you will have to sync your Yahoo account on the device.

As a whole, the new application has a simpler user interface, easy to use, and it offers secured connections and support for several accounts.

The Yahoo Mail application for Windows 8 should also be easier to use, with support for notifications and allowing the user to see the emails from the Start screen. The app was optimized for touchscreen displays and it can be also used on Windows 8-powered tablets.

In the same time, the new Yahoo! Mail web interface is out of beta and is now available for all the subscribers. Just like the dedicated apps, Yahoo claims that the web user interface was optimized for accessing the emails a lot faster.

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