Apple Reportedly Testing Several Designs For An iTV


Apple Reportedly Testing Several Designs For An iTV

It’s been a while since the last rumors about the alleged Apple TVs, but the journalists at Wall Street Journal claim that the Cupertin-based giant is currently running some tests, in an attempt to choose the design of the new Apple TV.

The Apple HDTV seems to be close to reality, as such a device was mentioned in Steve Jobs’ biographical book, last year.

A couple of weeks ago, the Apple CEO, Tim Cook, has almost confirmed the company’s plans for an Apple HDTV, saying that “the TV is an interest area,” after in May suggested that an Apple TV might soon see the light of day.

Wall Street is quoting sources close to the part suppliers and hardware manufacturers that, together with Apple, have tested various designs for a TV. Two of the biggest names involved in the development of the Apple TV are Sharp and Foxconn. Of course, we all know that Apple is testing tens of prototypes before a new product is launched, and sometime the final version doesn’t even hit the market, so don’t get your hopes to high, yet.

If the Apple HDTV is real, then the rumors hinting at Apple signing partnership deals with TV services providers, in order to provide a broad collection of productions and maybe some exclusive content might be accurate, too.

The problem with an Apple TV is the huge amount of movies, TV series, licences and rights the Cupertino-based company will have to pay and administrate, if its collaboration with providers is signed. Microsoft and Sony are spending billions of dollars on Xbox and PS3 in order to gain access to movies, TV shows and music.

Would you purchase an Apple TV if the project becomes real?

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