BlackBerry 10 OS-powered L Series Smartphone Prematurely Leaked


BlackBerry 10 OS-powered L Series Smartphone Prematurely Leaked

One of the most anticipated launches for early 2013 is┬ádefinitely RIM’s BlackBerry 10 OS and the terminals belonging to the BlackBerry L and BlackBerry N line-ups. Now, some pictures of an alleged BlackBerry L series model have leaked online. It might be the device called London, but no one can guarantee it’s the real deal.

The design of the leaked BlackBerry smartphone is familiar as we’ve seen it before on some prototypes. There’s a back lid reminiscent of the PlayBook and a front panel undisturbed by physical or capacitive buttons.

You can also see that the alleged BlackBerry 10 OS-powered flagship smartphone has a generous display. Even though the display size is not mentioned by the source, my guess is that we are dealing with a screen around 4.5 inches. I am also expecting 720p display resolution, and the smartphone also sports microHDMI port, NFC antena, a 1,800 mAh removable battery, and microSD card slot.

Moreover, the BlackBerry L series model also has a microSIM card, in case you wondered.

We will most likely find out more about the new BlackBerry 10 smartphones on January 30th, 2013, when RIM has scheduled the great launch of BlackBerry N. So far, all I can say is that the smartphone we are looking at has an elegant design and that I am glad to see it has a microHDMI port. I am also curious about the chipset underpinning the BlackBerry L series, as some rumors are indicating that it might be Qualcomm’s mighty Snapdragon S4 Pro SoC.

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