Microsoft Surface Sales Bellow The 1 Million Units Milestone


Microsoft Surface Sales Bellow The 1 Million Units Milestone

The Microsoft Surface RT tablet is the first hardware that the company has ever made. You would think that it would be a big success, but the truth is that almost nobody is interested in buying it.

Detwiler Fenton, which is a brokerage firm based in Boston published has released a research note in which it states that Microsoft doesn’t have any chance of selling more than 1 million units in the December quarter. The analysts say that until now the sail strategy of the Surface RT tablet has been a total mess.

However, the firm adds that if Microsoft will make an effort to improve its hardware and also its distribution, there will be an improved demand for Windows 8 tablets starting with the second half of 2013. Detwiler affirms that the product is not selling because of the lack of distribution. Also, the starting price of $599 is not quite helpful for the customers as several cheap tablets appeared on the market in 2012. Another problem for Microsoft is the lack of product exposure at big retailers such as Best Buy. The truth is that you can only purchase the Microsoft Surface RT tablet from or from the Microsoft retail stores, which are not so numerous.

Even if the sales estimates were about 1-2 million units, the research firm says that the tablet is trending around 500,000. Detwiler states that its original expectation was around 2-3 million Surface Pro tablets sold in the quarter. The surface Pro is the Intel version of the device, but the problem is that it hasn’t even launched. With the fact in mind, Microsoft has always said that the release of the Intel version will be three months after the debut of Windows 8, which implied a January debut.

There is good news for Microsoft is that its that touch-screen enabled Windows 8 laptops are selling a lot better than the Surface RT. And the company still has the Intel-based Windows 8 to be launched. Also, the OEMs have been encouraged to put more effort into their own Windows 8 tablets, thanks to Microsoft’s endeavor. In a second note, Detwiler says that Windows Phone 8 devices have had a pretty good start at AT&T, but they have a problem at Verizon (the Nokia 822 and HTC Windows 8x phones don’t represent a real attraction at Verizon). The HTC DNA which runs on Android is a lot more wanted than the 8x.

Detwiler concludes that Microsoft still has a lot of work to do if the company wants to become an important mobile hardware manufacturer.

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