iTunes 11 Brings Radical Changes


iTunes 11 Brings Radical Changes

About a year ago Apple was launching iTunes 10.5 and now, the popular content management software, has just received a new version. Announced synchronized with the iPhone 5, iTunes 11 is now available for download.

Completely reinvented, iTunes 11 has changed a lot compared with what older versions had to offer. iTunes 11 is now much easier to use, all the useful features are now available with a significantly smaller number of clocks, while each window is displaying more content without even looking crowded.

The new iTunes 11 is also a lot faster than the older iteration. It starts up faster, it looks like it runs smoother, and integrates a radical relocation of the menus from the left side to the top end. The old menus like File, Edit, or View are accessible by pressing Alt + F, Alt + E or Alt + V. The aforementioned menus are not displayed permanently anymore, but just when you are willing to access them. There are some useful options in the upper right corner, too, that has an icon looking like a folded square.

The app and multimedia content management have been simplified by introducing more ways of sorting and information previewing. Even the interaction with devices like iPad or iPhone have been radically optimized and simplified compared to what iTunes used to offer.

The options from the contextual menus like Back Up and Restore from Back Up are now posted on the front page accompanied by a text that explains their functionality.

The application installations area has also received an upgrade, as the classic synchronization was replaced by a button that allows you to install each app, depending on your needs. The new iTunes 11 can be downloaded for free on and is available both for Windows and Mac OS X.

The new user interface now blends with the changes Apple operated for most of the software created by it. Similar changes have been operated to OS X Lion and Mountain Lion, but also to the popular Final Cut editing software, which is now at version 10.

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