Microsoft Could Launch Windows Blue In 2013


Microsoft Could Launch Windows Blue In 2013

Microsoft recently announced that more than 40 million Windows 8 licences were sold world wide, outmatching the figures for the Windows 7 launch. The number of applications available in Windows Store has doubled since the launch, overpassing the 20,000 milestone with some tiles bringing revenues of over $25,000 to the developer, even though most of them are free.

Windows 8 seems to be a successful operating system, and the latest reports are indicating that Microsoft has already started to work on the next version of its operating system, codenamed Blue.

According to the Asia-based portal ITHome, which ignited to rumor, Microsoft has already started to develop the new Windows 9 or Windows vNext, or Blue. The rumors were also checked by the journalists at ZDNet, who seem to confirm Microsoft’s intentions in this direction.

For the time being we don’t know whether Microsoft Blue will be some sort of service pack that reunites all the Windows 8 updates, or a whole new different version that brings new components and services.

It seems that Microsoft wants to abandon the pattern of launching major versions of its operating system at several years interval, now choosing to for annual updates, similar to the way promoted by Apple for Mac OS X.

According to sources, Microsoft could launch Blue in the summer of 2013, while the commercial name might be Windows 8.1 or Windows 8.5.

Blue was also used by Microsoft as a codename for the cloud computing platform, Windows Azure.

The Verge claims that blue might be a cheap version of Windows that is supposed to encourage a massive adoption for the operating system. After Blue will have been launched, the developers will be forced to launched apps designed exclusively for this system, without compatibility with Windows 8.

The Microsoft officials have refused to comment on the matter, therefore we can’t know yet how accurate the Windows Blue rumors are.

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