Samsung To Ship 61.5 Million Smartphones In Q4 2012, Says UBS


Samsung To Ship 61.5 Million Smartphones In Q4 2012, Says UBS

UBS has performed a new study and the compiled data resulted into a prediction for 61.5 million smartphone units shipped by Samsung in Q4 2012. There are also other analyses saying that this threshold will be overtaken.

You should know that Samsung sold 57 million smartphone units in Q3 2012, which also includes a month of summer when there are fewer customers in the IT&C and electronics stores. Q4 2012 means Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the winder shopping fever and the Christmas gifts, when everybody wishes for a new smartphone or tablet.

Moreover, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 are to of the most wanted smartphones of the moment, as the iPhone 5 launch hasn’t cannibalized the sales like some analysts anticipated.

UBS also specified that in certain conditions the Samsung smartphone sales could hit 63 million units. Samsung is world’s biggest feature phone and smartphone vendor, with Samsung Galaxy S3 reaching 30 million units a few weeks ago.

Samsung’s marketing strategy proved to be a success compared to other big names of the industry which are going down compared to 2011.

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