Microsoft Working On Google Project Glass Alternative?


Microsoft Working On Google Project Glass Alternative?

The smart glasses, developed within the Google Glass project, compatible with the Android smartphones and tablets, might have a rival. Rumor has it that Microsoft is readying an alternative to Google Glasses, of course, compatible with the Windows Phone 8 powered terminals.

The first step has been made. Microsoft patented a set of technologies that describe a head mounted device, that features a semi-transparent user interface, used for displaying information about the events watched by the person wearing it.

The invention might be used for augmenting the visual experience during live events, like sports competitions. The information delivered by the Microsoft device can be text, image and sound, using a transparent display overlapped on the wearer’s visual field.

In theory, using a pear of glasses like this you will be able to watch replays of the important highlights if a game while being o the stadium. The changed players will be displayed on the transpernt screen of the glasses, as well as the referee decision during the game. You will also be able to use the Microsoft glasses at a live concert to see the lyrics presented as text and synchronized with the song played on the scene.

Still, it’s worth mentioning that the patent registered by the Redmond-based software giant is dated May 2011, which might mean that the new Microsoft Glasses are in an advanced developing stage, and that the final product will be presented sooner than expected.

On the other hand, the Microsoft patent might just be there to prepare the ground for a future project, that might be developed only if the Google Glasses are a true success.

Here’s a video of the Google’s Project Glass. Enjoy!

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